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At dozod, we’re reshaping the digital landscape. As a forward-thinking holding company, we specialize in nurturing and growing Micro SaaS websites and applications. Our portfolio, including notable ventures like PicDefense.io, MobileSMS.io, and Moder.ai, underscores our commitment to innovative online solutions.

Dozod Growth Mindset
Expertise in Digital Entrepreneurship

dozod transcends traditional holding company roles. We are seasoned digital entrepreneurs. Our approach is strategic and innovative, turning each project, whether a main venture or project, into a successful chapter in the digital marketplace.

Beyond Holding – We Consult and Grow

Leveraging our extensive experience in the digital realm, we offer consultancy services for upcoming Micro SaaS platforms. Whether it’s strategy formulation, market analysis, or growth hacking, dozod is your partner in navigating the online business world.

Investing in the Future

Our eye for potential drives us to not only hold but also invest in promising online ventures. We’re constantly scouting for new opportunities, ready to buy, sell, and scale Micro SaaS businesses.

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